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Ribbon Cutting

I have a writer website—yeay! Many thanks to my husband, Jim, for creating this online home for my work. To all my readers on the other side of this screen, welcome to the 3 of you (Mom, Dad, Stysia) and thanks for dropping by!

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02 jul 2019

Thank you for seasoning my life with your refreshing anecdotes full of humor, nonsense & wonder. You rock, Larissa!!

Me gusta

08 mar 2018

I always look forward to reading your stuff!!

Me gusta

Debbie Zunt
Debbie Zunt
02 mar 2018

The website looks amazing!! Congratulations! I can't wait to read more :)

Me gusta

01 mar 2018

Looking forward to your posts!

Me gusta

Alexandra Nirschl
Alexandra Nirschl
13 feb 2018

Make that 4!! It looks great!!

Me gusta
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